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2007 Velvet Devil Merlot (http://www.kvintners.com/wines.php)

Posted on September 14, 2009 - Filed Under American wines, Merlot, Red wines, Reviews, Wine Reviews, region, style | Leave a Comment

At Mulberry for restaurant week, finishing up with a nice bottle of Washington Merlot. Very strong flavors of chocolate-covered bacon, believe it or not…

That said, the green tannins make it a little too bitter for my taste. Very similar to drinking baking chocolate without any of the fruit forward flavors to redeem it. Definitely a head’s wine, and a very complex flavor for the price.

Later: The wine really opens up with hints of plum, blackberry and vanilla…definitely something you want to let breathe for an hour or so…

Price: $10 (retail), $25 (at Mulberry)

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Amavi Cellars 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon

Posted on September 13, 2009 - Filed Under American wines, Cabernet, Reviews, Wine Reviews, region, style | Leave a Comment

Man, I’ve been posting old reviews all day! I had such terrible taste; things have really changed.

For starters, I’m a cab man, now, but actually starting to move beyong it. I like my wines big for now, but without much fruit. I get off to words like blueberry, resin, pencil lead, cassis, tobacco, etc.

Each Sunday, I try to have a “special wine”, and tonight’s was a $27 wine from Central Market sporting a Wine Spectator score of 94.

Its an elegant, balanced wine. Nice flavors of soil, bakers chocolate, cassis, and pencil lead, with hints of cedar and spice box on the nose. Over time, notes of vanilla extract and licorice emerge…

I’d actually like to see a little more fruit, but its certainly an outstanding cab, if a little solemn.

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