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Navarro Malbec

Posted on September 13, 2009

Justin says: Wow! The muthahfuckin’ malbec. Sweet, earthy, round. No wonder the Spanish rarely get syphilis! This officially transitions me to what historians will call “The Red Period.”

Russ says: I love the flavor of velvet earth, if by velvet earth you mean a great goddamned Malbec. This is Malbec country—the wine the Iberians wish they could make. Give me a better $10 Malbec, and I’ll be a happy, surprised, slightly drunk man, and I’ll cheers to you.

Shelby says: A fine example of why I love Argentine wines. A delightful combination of sweet earthiness, neither too sweet nor too earthy, where I think of mushrooms or the fungus/moss that grows on the north side of tree trunks.

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