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Destino Chardonnay

Posted on September 13, 2009

Ah, Chardonnay. Why have I treated thee so cruelly? Relegated to back-shelf status, while your burgundy cousins shoulder and strut their way to my haughty palette, you are a picture of grace. You bent, dear Chardonnay, but you did not break. And now, it is I who am shamed. For this Chardonnay is wonderful.

It reminds me of everything I used to like about you. Long-lasting, complex finish with aromas of banana and honeysuckle. Peach originally, blending into a floral honey taste that lasts longer than most orgasms. A little bitter at the end, but what isn’t. All in all, a great bet, and a good buy even for $20. Use it during movie night, but only if that movie is Oscar-worthy! Brandy says, “Like a melon with a little bit of cayenne pepper. Like how Mexicans eat fruit.”

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