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2002 Norton Malbec

Posted on September 13, 2009

Justin says: Tastes like clay. Tasty, grapey clay. See, I don’t see what people see in reds. They’re fine. Bitter. Enjoyable. But where’s the pizzazz? The wham-bam-thank you-ma’am? This is, in truth, a very enjoyable wine, but I like Chardonnays. So blow me!

Brandy says, “Thick and rich with dark plums and warm hues” (she really said this!) “Reds rock and bring warm love to the world—very earthy and challenging for the sophisticated palate.” (Was that a dig?)

Russ says: Nota bene: I am biased towards Argentine Malbec. Tastes like clay? Well, la tierra del Argentina is fine by me. Qualities to look for in a Malbec: earthy, non-bitter (read: Spanish), not sweet (read: Shiraz), clears the palate quickly—this wine has these qualities, but not in spades. Good for the money, so give me a sharp, hard cheese.

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