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1999 Mayo Family Winery Zinfandel

Posted on September 13, 2009

Holy motherfucking shit! I wondered when I might find the A-list wine. Turns out I just had to spend more money! Russ leaves town, and it is a time to be wistful, but also a time to celebrate! This tastes like cranberry sauce, raspberry jam, and the Sunday mornings at Grandma’s house I never had all rolled into something that will get me drunk. What’s not to love? Bon voyage, Russ. Until we meet again….

Russ says: The last time I sat at this table (editor’s note: my friend Ben’s house in West Austin) drinking expensive wine, it was a $50 Napa Pinot Noir. That bottle was Magic Johnson; this one is James Worthy. Wholly necessary to the experience, but a role player who knows he’s the key to the goddamned system. I love it! Spend the money for special occasions and drink with a smile on your face. A, and a fucking solid A.

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