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Twitter Tweat

Posted on September 11, 2009

Dear Austin Winos,

Is it me, or has this cruel, oppressive summer finally taken a optimistic turn. I just got back from a reinvigorating trip to Portland, and, maybe I’m crazy, but it seems to be almost tolerable outside. Although, would it be too much to ask for a single day of rain? I am never planting herbs again.

Okay, a few items of note:

My web redesign is kicking ass! Soon, austinwinos.com will be a place you can hang out and enjoy yourself, unlike today, where it feels more like a car filled with burger king wrappers. (“Hope you don’t mind all these burger king wrappers in the backseat.” “Is — is that a french fry?”). This would be even more excited had some of the thunder of the relaunch not been stolen by my landmark purchase of oopsIshitmyself.com. Trust me, it’s going to be huge…


Austinwinos is now on twitter! For the longest time, I was passionately anti-twitter. Why should I care what you are doing at this very moment? During a full week’s time, there are probably only three brief moments where I wonder what anyone is doing, so what’s the big deal? Has technology passed me by? But, then it occured to me that intelligent use of twitter could enable you to receive real time text messages about the things you cared about, which to me, involves three things:

* Is there a bar that is really cool, contains all my friends, or has an awesome drink special at this very moment?
* Is there a great restaurant in Austin that has somehow escaped my attention?
* Is there a fantastic deal on one at some liquor or grocery store that I should be stocking up on?

This is where Austinwinos comes in. I’d be willing to bet that I drink more wine than just about anyone, and I’m also pretty diligent about reviewing that wine, noting how much it costs, and where I got it, and trying wines of all different styles and flavors. If you sign up to follow me, you can receive text messages with a brief description of every wine I try, with descriptions, cost, and my overall feeling. If you drink a lot of wine, and wouldn’t mind having a “Pocket Justin” sending you recommendations of what wine to buy in Austin, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to follow me on twitter.


Finally, I think its time to start talking about our September party (w00t!). At the last event (a very fun haiku-themed event), a few of you came up to me and expressed interest in hosting an event of your own. And why not? Its a built-in party. Your guests supply the alcohol, I take care of the invites and tasting notes, all you have to do is supply your place and maybe a bag of Doritos. That said, I’d love to have this month’s party be somewhere else and get to know another part of Austin.

If you’re interested in putting something together for this month, please email me with any preferences (themes, number of people, dates available), and we’ll make it happen.

That’s all for now! As soon as I can find a place, I’ll send a note with details of the event. In the meantime, keep up to date by subscribing to my twitter feed.

Oh god…I’m on Twitter.

I tweet.


Your wino buddy,


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