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What We do

The core staple of the Austin Winos party diet is definitely the house party.

Once a month or so, we’ll gather at someone’s house and each guest will be required to bring a bottle that meets certain specifications. These specifications may involve color, region, varietal, mood, theme, or just about anything you might think of (last month’s party was haiku-themed). Each bottle’s label is hidden, numbered, and scorecards are handed out.

The guests sample wine, make notes, take turns trying to guess “The Wrench (a purposely putrid bottle of wine). The goal is to learn more about various types of wine from people of various wine experience, and make some new friends.

Sometimes, corn is served.

When we’re not throwing house parties, we’re renting buses for tours of the Hill Country, doing a downtown wine bar crawl, renting out a bar or restaurant for a party, or otherwise evoking smiles without our cheeky shenanigans.


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